4 Ways Facebook Can Kill Your Imagination

Hey!, if you are here from Facebook, then you must think this is hypocrisy to its maximum. 

But given the reach of this social media behemoth, there is a high probability of you being here from said source. 

Hence, I will ask you to pause for a minute and contemplate, How much time are you spending on Facebook? or any other social platforms that the only way left for me to reach you is via it.

Now coming back to the moot point, how can this benign platform rob you of something precious like imagination, which make us quintessentially human.

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Can I Have Your Attention Please Because Where Attention goes money flows

Where Attention goes money flows

New Oil of this century, And No it is Not Data, it is Your Attention – Where attention goes money flows

You May have heard about this phrase that “Data is the New Oil”. Data will Rule Supreme, etc.…

I am not disagreeing to the might of data or its importance but am simply pointing out Why Data has Become SO important?

How the Trifecta of Data, Attention and Money is intertwined?

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If you ask “Why Life is So Boring” then, Congrats! You Might be on the Cusp of Something

If you ask “Why Life is So Boring” then, Congrats! You Might be on the Cusp of Something

The Title may seem a bit of an oxymoron on a first glance basis, so I would request you to ponder a bit.

Think of any random day, between work or doing anything your favourite trifecta of friends the YouTube or The Twitter or The Facebook, lures you in and You swipe information after information (in different format), like stuffing your face with junk food till the pangs of the “work” you were doing comes back haunting and you grudgingly go back doing whatever Shit you were doing.

Let us ask ourselves, Why Did We go to our Holy trifecta of Friends on the first hand, from where comes the necessity?

You will say, Distraction, I will say No. The Distraction is just a “mean” to Grab your attention and You give away your “Attention” because it is Stressful to get bored.

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