How long are we not going to Admit Our Confirmation Bias?

Scenario 1:

You Have logged in Instagram, to check your feed, and just like that, fifteen minutes zaps by!

Scenario 2:

You have logged in to YouTube, and you keep on viewing the videos that are being dished out to you, endlessly just to realise that it’s already 3 am!

We All have gone through both the above scenario, especially the YouTube rabbit hole is a never-ending trap.

Now, question arises, what has these to do with confirmation bias? The quick answer is everything!

Imagine, the cave dwelling prehistoric chimp never collected fire from.

We can imagine this process might have been the most precarious and inconvenient moment of its life until then.

Now imagine if some other chimp wouldn’t have to figure out a way to light it by him/herself.

We can imagine how inconvenient the experiments would have been. It might have been marginally ostracizing as well, given prehistoric chimp society.

We would have been a part of dystopian society, tied up to a fire distributing institution.

Coming back to the moot point, we became “We” because our predecessor took the inconvenient route.

We used to look for a different route to another part of the world, just to prove a point.

The present world dishes everything to us tailor made to our preferences, to serve us better.

All the knowledge of humanity is at our fingertips, but we “decide” to stick to “random assortment of tiktok videos” in YouTube and Instagram reels.

We decide because the system learns that we like to consume those contents, and so it serves.

From the content disbursement platform standpoint, I see no fault.

They are in the business of making us spend more time on their platform so that platform can earn advertising dollars.

It is the consumer who needs to come out of this “comfort” zone of “similar” content.

This unending, disastrous cycle of confirmation bias that leads to being suffocated by “stuff” which kills the very core spark that makes us human.

We need to come out to find out the fire that our long-forgotten chimp forbearer did, he/she came out of the convenient cave, went into a perilous situation of an unknown entity and tried taming it thus giving birth to a civilization which is now regressing back.

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10 Social Media Myths Debunked

social - dwaipayan chakraborty
It has been long since i wrote something, and this post has been in draft stage for far too long now. At last i could complete it and here is my thoughts on some myths that surrounds social media which i have come across while talking to clients.

In addition to being the hot craze among internet users, social media websites also serve as great platforms for internet marketers and online businesses. Traditionalists shy away from developing their social media marketing (SMM) strategies, because of some common delusions that plague the reputation of social media.

Several myths have spread around regarding its effectiveness, but according to Social Time Reports – Instagram has grown by 50% in just 9 months, and SnapChat grew 56% in a year. This clearly suggests that social media marketing is the future, and it is here to stay.

If you are one of those, who are reluctant to jump the social bandwagon, because of your own apprehensions and floating myths about social media, then you might want to step back a bit and reconsider. Without social media marketing, your business will lose out badly to your competitors. Not only will it slow down your brand progress, but can also hurt your potential market share.

1st Myth – A belief that most consumers do not utilize social media

Many small businesses still continue to think that their consumers do not hang around on social sites. This is the biggest myth, which prevents majority of companies from interacting with potential consumers on social networking sites.

Even though social media sites were first developed to attract teens and youngsters, they have now rapidly transformed into powerful branding tools to engage with the users.

According to the demographics of social media, such sites attract people between 45 to 54 years old. Some brands argue that their consumer base comprises of senior users, and they are not using social networking channels. However, reports indicate that 71 % adult populations are FaceBook users.

Social networking has developed into a cultural standard, and people are signing in to their accounts everyday. If you are operating with an idea that your targeted market is not on social site means, you are missing huge potential consumer base.

Social channels have become an omnipresent form of communication, sharing, and communication, across all age groups. It is important for you to know that your competition companies will be using social media sites for targeting their clients.

2nd Myth – Objection of not having ways to measure social media effectiveness

This is another common objection given by companies for not participating in social media marketing campaigns. It is a fact that measuring social media efficiency is different, than how the how traditional marketing efficacy is analyzed. It does not mean there are no methods. Well, there are many new analytical tools, and you will need to learn about them, in order to identify what works and what doesn’t in your SMM efforts.

You can also use different tools for ongoing analytics and also to measure the campaign focused metrics.

Through ongoing analytics, the results of your overall social media activity can be tracked everyday. You can use the historical data with date range, to analyze the efficiency of your SMM strategies.

Through campaign focused metrics, you can get the clear picture of the impact created by your specific campaigns. In this category, one-time sales are also included. It may sound complicated, but you can find a number of tools that can make measuring a lot easier.

3rd Myth – No time for managing social media activities

A common delusion among many is that social media activities take a lot of time. It is the reason why many business owners, who are already overloaded with works, tend to deviate from it. The fact is that it is very easy to understand how to communicate on social media and maintain a dynamic presence on social sites.

You can make this process easy using numerous tools that are available online. The results of investing time and efforts on posting engaging and valuable content will go a long way improving your band name. You could also outsource the SMM jobs to professional service providers.

4th Myth – Social media means exposure to negative feedbacks

Businesses desire to keep away from negative comments. It is natural, but business owners experience negative feedback, even when they are not active on social media. When you receive negative comments, and if you are active on social networking platforms, then you can respond rapidly and have the issue addressed.

Ignoring social media means, you will miss the chance on opportunities to address the potentially negative feedback and comments speedily. Now, such non-responsiveness can damage your business more than just getting a few negative comments. Responding in public to consumer complaints, gives you an opportunity to display your organization’s excellent policy of timely customer service.

It is also true that brands occasionally get harassed by irate customers. If you are not doing something wrong, they will just end up looking silly.

5th Myth – Misconceptions about content

Sharing your competitor’s content is not a good idea – Contrary to that belief, experts believe that it is a good idea.

It certainly is obvious why this myth has occurred – why must you promote your competitor?

Well, sharing competitor’s content will help you in many ways.

It shows your fans your determination to give them the most excellent information, even if it comes from your rival. Another benefit is that your competitor will also start sharing your content, because you too are a professional in their niche.

In this way, you can keep a close eye on your competitor’s activities, or build a relationship by actively engaging with materials they produce.

Only post brand related or promotional content – You can communicate with followers on social media but avoid pushing your products. Fans desire to listen to your discounts and promotional deals, but avoid including sales pitch on every post.

You can connect with prospective customers and fans on personal level on social sites, so try to post contents that will keep your fans engaged, Give them something that they can share and discuss.

Generating lead is impossible with social media – Posting quality and relevant content certainly generates new followers, who can be directed to your website through sales funnel.

Blog posts including 300 to 700 words are the best –

To write interesting information, you will to create contents of least 600-800 words, but there are no hard and fast rules on this matter. Blogs are meant for providing comprehensive and helpful information, which is why the short contents or snippets might not do the trick for you. Long articles and blogs perform better on search engines, because you get to cover more keywords.

6th Myth – Social media is just a broadcast channel

Traditional marketing program included social media just as a channel to broadcast their message. If you believe that promoting your brand or inviting audience to buy from you via social media is a good way, then think again. You can end up with lesser followers every day, if you persist doing this.

In fact, social media is for two-way communication with followers and audience. Therefore identify your fans and share reviews and photos. Even post real-time useful and genuine content to keep your fans engaged. You can even communicate with the people responding to your content.

7th Myth – Social media marketing strategies are waste of time

Creating accounts on popular social channels like FaceBook, Twitter, or Tumblr, is easy, but it does not mean that they guarantee your business success.

Businesses follow the trend of creating new accounts with most social media sites, instead of a selected few. They end up using inappropriate platforms, or send wrong messages to wrong people. The results will be certainly poor, and they start believing that social media is not right for their business.

Basically, they have to think strategically of what their purpose of social media use is, what their message is, who they are talking with, and what those fans desire to hear. Using social media without strategic planning is like walking in wilderness without a map.

Certainly, you may reach your destination, but you my even end up at a lot of dead ends. This can be time consuming and frustrating process, which can make you give up ultimately.

8th Myth – No one has an idea of what works right on social media

Social media is newer concept than blogs, so not may marketers understand how to use it for business promotions – So, what is right and what is wrong?

Actually, there are experienced professionals, but they too do not give you guarantees on the effectives of their strategies within a definite timeframe. The experts are aware that the strategy has a big chance to succeed, but it also depends on the content creation and targeting of audience.

A well-formed social media strategy takes into consideration your audiences’ natures, assesses your content, and ensures that you select the appropriate social media platform that suits your business promotional needs.

9th Myth – Social media is just for teens or youngsters

Today’s youngsters understand digital technology innately, while elderly people will have to put in efforts to learn new stuff. The belief is that elders are not capable of understanding how social media works. The truth is that their technological abilities, interests, and accesses, are not same as that of young people, but they are very much active on social sites in their own way.

Young people link themselves to their technology differently, but it does not mean that they have developed deep understanding of it, than the elders. Therefore, it is vital that business marketers understand this myth, because it will also affect recruitment and marketing.

They hire inexperienced or too young people to handle their social networking communications. They forget the fact that the experienced people recognize the business, market, and consumers better. They have the communication skills necessary to perform well on social media platforms. A good balance of youthful vigor and experience make great SMM teams.

10th Myth – Some believe social media is 9 to 5 job

This is absolutely wrong. Internet is open 24/7/365, so make sure your marketing message impacts the social media world meaningfully, because there is switch-off at any given point of time. Post the right kind of content and see your consumer-base grow even, if when you are sleeping at night.

It is suggested for all businesses to register for accounts on the right social networking sites, even though they is surrounded by myths.

This is a new platform and people are still learning about different ways to leverage it. Have a strong strategy planned, before plunging on social media, in order to see great results.

Let me know by comment if i have left something or if you have a different perspective. All point of views are welcome.

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10 Proven Ways to Leverage Social Media for Small Business or Industry


Until a few years ago, the online presence of your business was mostly defined by the page rankings of your website on search engines. It was about building the backlinks and leveraging the keywords. While search engines are still the most prolific platforms to get more customers to your website, social media has also emerged as a key adjunct.

Most people, who really matter to your business, are probably on social networks. Even senior citizens, who are usually averse to technology, spend more time on social networks than on other websites.

If you want your brand name to reach a wide spectrum of audiences from across the net, then you will need to give it a very strong and carefully considered social media presence.

Now, because there are so many brands and companies competing for the buyer attention, you will need to develop a way to cut through the crowd. You will want to stand out, and make sure that people take notice of what you have to offer. Please be reminded that, this is not the same as buying more followers and likes on Twitter and FaceBook.

There are many ways to leverage social media for small business. If you implement the strategies properly, your efforts will surely yield more customers, and higher conversion rates.

Here are some of the most proven ways to build a steady audience on social networks for your business. They will not guarantee success, but will increase the odds in your favor.

1) Find Your Audience 

The first step towards making a mark in social media with your potential customers is to identify the sources where they are most active. If your customers are mostly teenagers, then you will find them mostly on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. If you are running a B2B company, then you are more likely to find your niche audience on networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and more.

There are plenty of social networks out there, but if you want to gain more followers, you will need to choose the best few suiting your business, and focus totally on them.

Here is what you can do:

  • Research your demographic and use analytics and monitoring tools to find which social networks your target audiences use the most
  • Pick the top 2 or 3 and go about focus your efforts on building your presence across these social media platforms

It will be tempting to hire a social media consultancy and go all out, building your pages on every social network out there. However, this will dilute your message. You want your presence to grow organically.

2) Choose the Correct Channels 

The best recommendation for using social media for small business owners is to choose the right medium. Most people use FaceBook to keep in touch with the world, but not everybody does. The same goes for Twitter. Although you keep hearing about them dozen times a day, there are legions who have never visited Twitter at all.

  • Experiment with multiple but carefully chosen social media platforms
  • Create useful content for your potential customers, and see which platforms generate more active responses from users

Most importantly, consider email as another channel to leverage social media. Email marketing is considered to be old school, but it still drives in a lot of responses. Add social media interactions to your emails, and links to discussion threads, so that receivers can start interactions right from the emails.

3) A consistent cross media brand 

Whether you are using billboards, PPC, video sites, or social networks, your brand should be clearly defined in all your marketing efforts. Social media is a great awareness platform, but it ultimately leads your customers to your website and other places, where they can guy products.

If you check out most of the social media for small business tips they tend to ignore some key aspects. These basics will help you channel your marketing efforts in the right track.

You will need to have brand standards and guidelines for all platforms. For example, you will need to be consistent with the usage of your logos and color themes across both, your social media pages, and your website. This will help customers identify your brand clearly, whenever they see it.

There are two ways to reinforce your brand and make it more memorable.

  1. One is bombarding them with spam, ads, and emails.
  1. The other is to keep a consistent brand, and make sure it shows up at the right places.

The latter strategy will always earn you more respect from your potential and existing customers.

4) Develop a genuine content strategy 

It is not like, you create a social media page, and people will come flocking to you. Even when you create viral campaigns, there is no guarantee that people will keep coming back, and follow your posts. A viral social media strategy will bring users to your page once, but good and interesting content will keep them coming back, and eventually generate brand loyalty.

You can also take assistance for content development from professional companies that specialize in social media for small business marketing. They can help you analyze what kind of content will interest customers, and what will make your pages truly helpful.

Your content can include:

  • Useful updates regarding your products or services
  • Regular announcements, so they can keep track of your releases and learn more about your company
  • Tidbits that will give them an inside peek into your company, so that you can build a rapport with them

These are not hard and fast rules, but strategies that have proved to be successful for many small businesses, over a period of time.

5) Make your presence useful 

This follows closely on the heels of a content strategy. When you want to leverage social media, you will want to give people some genuine reason to follow you on Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, or any other platform. The details of this strategy are very specific to the type of business you run, and according to what your customer-base it.

Here are the questions that you will want to answer for your users, so that in turn, they feel that following your posts will help them.

  • Will it save my time if I follow their posts instead of other brands
  • Are their posts of any tangible help to me, in choosing or using their products
  • Do I save money if I follow their posts?

Your customers will not ask these questions directly, but these factors influence their decision making. For instance, if you are actively responding to customer questions on your Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, they have plenty of reasons to follow you.

6) Don’t repeat content 

In the interest of keeping their social media presence active, many companies resort to poor tactics like presenting the same information in different ways, by using multiple posts. However, this is a bad strategy because:

  • It does not give customers any new information
  • Followers may ultimately lose interest in your pages and stop following them
  • It falsely inflates your social media analytics numbers, and will drive you towards adopting the wrong measures in future

The best way to update social media for small business is to create posts only when new information is available. If you find yourself short of announcements, then you can create interesting videos and infographics that will help reinforce your message, and keep users engaged.

7) Share links generously 

The whole internet is built on the foundation of links. It is important that you make the best of them, in order to keep users up-to-date with your activities.

You can share links to:

  • Your blog posts
  • Other social media posts
  • Videos on YouTube or Vine
  • Product pages where people can buy or subscribe

Also share links to help pages where they make sense. The more relevance your contents are, the greater are your chances of keeping the followers interested.

8) Monitor, Measure, and Analyze 

Once you have a social media strategy in place, you don’t blindly implement it. Keep monitoring your posts constantly and see:

  • What kind of posts generate the most views, likes, and responses
  • Which ones lead directly to more sales
  • What posts generate negative responses
  • Which platforms are giving you the best conversion rates

All these metrics will tell you where you need to tweak your strategies, and make small adjustments and improvements, in an ongoing manner.

9) Keep an eye on competition 

Your social media presence does not exist in a vacuum. It is competing with other businesses in the same domain. If you want to be ahead of the curve, you will need to understand the strategies of others as well. You will find what works for them and what doesn’t.

You don’t need to copy their successful strategies blindly, but you can use them on your social media interactions smartly. You will have a better idea of how this works, once you gain more experience of using social media for small business.

10) A sustained campaign  

Social media is not a ‘set it and forget it’ platform. You cannot create a campaign, sit back, and relax, once it ends. Remember that you are competing with multiple other businesses for buyer attention. You need a social media plan that you can keep implementing throughout the year.

Alternatively, you may want to hire a specialist social media firm to make sure that you have a sustainable strategy. Many companies also hire specialized staff to work full time on just social media. This is a good idea is you have the financial resources. Your campaign will then be headed by someone who knows how valuable social media is, and how to wring the most value out of the platforms. 

Let me know what do you think or if you feel that I have left some points out…please comment.

14 Misconceptions about Digital and Social Media Marketing

Social media is no doubt, one of the biggest platforms for promoting businesses. A few years ago, it was an optional add-on to an otherwise traditional marketing strategy. Today, it has become very essential, and is often the central aspect of all marketing strategies. Digital and social media marketing usage in B2B and industrial section is particularly strong.

However there are a number of misconceptions among companies about social media marketing. Some of them root from the fact that the platform is new to them, whereas other misconceptions are propagated by the old-school consultants, who want to make quick bucks.

To really understand why some of the beliefs about digital and social media marketing are wrong, it is important to understand the medium itself.

Here is why, ‘social networking’ is necessary in marketing today:

  • Most people who are online visit social networks, so they have high visibility
  • People find more about products through social media sites than official sites
  • Once you start getting followers, your branding reaches the bigger audiences automatically
  • Social media is structured in a way that it allows for easy viral marketing

Now, here are the most commonly held misconceptions about social media marketing, and why they may be hampering your own company’s marketing push.

1.You can’t measure ROI

This used to be true 5 years ago, when both Twitter and FaceBook were comparatively smaller. Now, all major social networks have very sophisticated tools that allow you to measure just how much of your company’s bottom-line is being driven by your social media marketing efforts.

In addition to specific ROI measuring tools offered by each big social media companies, there are also services that work cross platform. By using such tools, you can see the whole picture about how the entire platform is working for you. It also allows you to modify your marketing strategies accordingly.

2.Google+ is a ghost town

It is a commonly held belief that all the social media action is happening only on FaceBook and Twitter. Google+ it is believed to be practically a ghost town, with nobody using it. However, when it comes to B2B marketing, Google+ is the first network you should be thinking of because:

  • It is tied very closely to Google search engine, which is the primary growth driver for businesses
  • Your posts on Google+ are indexed and appear on your SERPs, which give you much higher visibility

Although you will see a lower level of engagement with a social media marketing blog on Google+, your search engine rankings will see a big boost.

3.It doesn’t give results

If your digital and social media marketing is not bringing in more customers and improving your branding, it doesn’t mean that the platform stinks. It means that you need a new and revamped strategy that is based on hard data. That social media is a bright marketing platform, has already been proven by thousands of companies who are successful at it.

The barriers stopping you from entering into social media marketing is much lower, so you see a lot more competition out there. That is why it is difficult to see results of your campaigns immediately. Consistent marketing across multiple social platforms will give you definite positive results.

4.Join every social network on earth

The number of social networking companies that have come up in the last decade is only dwarfed by the number of ‘Likes’ on FaceBook. Don’t feel compelled to join every one of them, because you won’t be missing out on much.


  • Identify your core demographics
  • Use social media research tools to identify the most common social media platforms they use
  • Direct your social media marketing funds towards those networks exclusively

5.You have to respond to every post

Because social media is such a direct platform, you will see hundreds or even thousands of responses to your posts. However, you do not need to reply to every post immediately. Unless, it is a customer support account, you can make your replies in a more measured manner.

6.Social media is only about discovery

Yes, social media is the best platform to get discovered today. However, many B2B companies stop there and then direct customers to their websites for further engagement.

Instead, you should:

  • Nurture your leads on social media
  • Engage with them on FaceBook, Twitter and other platforms they use
  • Gather information about your customers and find better ways to market your product

This myth about social media being primarily all about “getting found” is the main reason why so many companies do not see the kind of ROI they do, when compared to with other marketing platforms. Building relationships take time, but you will earn loyal customers for life.

7.Update your activity every hour

Yes, we live in a cutthroat, fast paced world, and your users’ attention span is dwindling rapidly. That does not mean that you have to keep posting something every hour, just so they you don’t get out of sight.

On the contrary, you should:

  • Post the most important news on social media
  • Reserve your posts for engaging content

If you want your social media followers to take your brand seriously, keep the signal to noise ratio high. The better the quality of content you provide, the better your products will be perceived.

8.Social media marketing is all you ever need

While some companies are shy about social media, others, especially newer companies think this is all they need. Well, there is much more to digital and social media marketing than just focusing on social networking.

In reality, social media should be a part of your broader marketing strategy. Ideally, it should include, print media, press releases, blogging, email marketing, pay-per-click marketing, and many other forms of web advertising. If you focus solely on social media, you will be cutting out a huge portion of your audience, and are likely to give the free pass to your competition.

9.You can buy friends and followers

Just like the SEO storm before this, many so-call expert consulting companies are offering to sell you likes and followers on FaceBook and Twitter. However, just as websites buying links were eventually busted, such strategies will also backfire on your company very badly.

The best way to gain followers on social media is create genuine content and engaging the audiences directly. Likes on FaceBook do not drive your sales conversions. Real and interested customers do.

10.You need a young social media manager

Most of the postings for digital and social media marketing jobs require “young” and “dynamic” professionals. Supposedly, the younger generation “gets” the social media.

If you really want your marketing efforts to lead somewhere, then you need to hire an experienced manager, who goes strictly by the data. Social media marketing is not just about learning the behaviors of people. It has more to do with building long term business relationships. That comes only with experience.

  1. It doesn’t drive profits

Companies are still debating the efficacy of digital and social media marketing versus old media marketing. Many of them are not convinced about how much profits it can it bring. Unfortunately, this is because it is difficult to measure profits against social media activity. Compared to other forms of marketing, social media networking is more complex.

Also, your efforts in social media will not bear fruits immediately. Just like every other forms of marketing, you will need to use such platforms and first earn the trust from people.

12.It is all about the hashtag

Your Twitter account does not live and die by the hashtag. The primary uses of a hashtag are:

  • Providing a common thread for conversation about a very specific topic
  • Spreading awareness about a major announcement of event for your business
  • Providing a way for followers to keep track of a particular event

Your hashtags like #funny or #generic might catch on with the followers. However, unless your hashtag has a specific purpose, it won’t drive sales for your business, even if it becomes very popular.

13.You can’t monitor social media

In truth, it is difficult to monitor the trends of digital and social media marketing, but surely not impossible. The platform is so huge and is evolving so rapidly, that many businesses find it difficult to keep track of how users engage with them.

However, as mentioned before, there are sophisticated tools to analyze and monitor your social media accounts. Instead of refreshing your social media tabs every 5 seconds, you will be notified about the posts, and get a detailed report on trends, so you can make better marketing choices.

14.Social media is for the young and hip

Yes, it was for the young and hip, back when FaceBook started off as exclusively for college students.

However, today:

  • More than 50% of active FaceBook users are above 35 years of age
  • More than 50% of senior citizens in the developed world have joined social networks
  • 60% of adults in the US alone are very active on social media

Social networks are no longer just for young college kids who want to gossip and have fun with friends. It is a platform where everybody shares things. You should have a strong social media strategy even if your target demographic is above 50 years of age.

Once you have cleared the above misconceptions, you will be able to hone and refine your digital and social media marketing usage in b2b industrial section. Better monitoring, research, and analysis should give you the kind of ROI that you are looking for.

Let me know what you think in the comment section… looking forward to it.

Power of Social Media -

10 Quick Tips to Leverage the Power of Social Media Marketing

Power of Social Media -

Social media marketing has now become a very important part of internet marketing and promotions. Thousands of companies are able to attract a lot of customers with the power of social media marketing, though popular networking websites like FaceBook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

If you have still not started promoting your business through social networks, then you will be giving more room to your competitors to eat into your market share. In this post we shall look at some of the best new trends in social media marketing for promoting your business effectively.

1) Add follow buttons of your social networking profiles to your websites:

In order to get more and more exposure for your business online, you will need to make it easy for people to keep in touch with the developments that are taking place on your end. By adding the follow buttons of your social media networking profile on your website, you will make it possible for your website traffic keep in touch with all new information related to your products or services.

Whenever you add new information on your social media and networking accounts, they will receive the alerts on their end. This works more like an opt-in marketing technique, because people are readily willing to receive new information from you.

Since this awesome marketing resource is readily available for free, there is no reason why you should not follow this practice. Over a period of time, your business will have a far greater reach with your prospective and existing customers. You can always keep them engaged by using the latest trends in social media marketing.

2) Add social sharing buttons on your web pages:

If you are planning to get a better outreach to attract more and more customers, then there are many ways to use the latest trends in social media marketing to maximize your business presence in various different ways.

If you don’t have the buttons to share your important web pages on social networking sites, then you are basically losing out on the opportunities that can help your business gain better awareness and that too for free.

If your website has compelling content, which will help in letting your prospective customers know about how your business can best serve their needs, and also add value to them in the long run, then it becomes imperative for you to allow them to share such information. By having the social media networking buttons to follow your web pages, your business will definitely benefit with recommendations from your own website traffic. Your onetime efforts will keep yielding results in the long run. Such is the power of social media marketing.

Note: Please be reminded that it is better to add follow buttons or sharing buttons at the time of designing your web pages. Basically they are simple HTML codes that will have to be added on your web pages. If you are hiring third party web designing companies, make sure that they include these features on your web pages. On CMS based websites or blogs like WordPress, it is much simpler to add the buttons, and you can do it all by yourself, without any coding skills.

3) Integrate email marketing with social media:

You might already be sending business the emails or newsletters to your potential and existing customers. Now, by adding the social buttons on your emails, you will be making it much easier for your recipients to share that email information with others. It will help you harness better sales with the power of social media marketing.

It is also one of the best practices used in email marketing these days, because you get a far better outreach, rather than from just the email database that you have. Most importantly, you will not have to spend extra time or money to initiate such actions from your email recipients. If your emails have compelling or useful information, then you can enjoy the viral exposure of your business across various social networking websites.

There are many HTML converters that you can use for free to set up your HTML emails. You can get the best value or zen of social media marketing results, by expediting the entire process with bulk mailing autoreponder software.

4) Use embeddable Tweets creatively:

Twitter provides you with a great feature of embedding your Tweets on your websites. This feature works almost like share buttons, but in the reverse direction. By embedding your popular Tweets, you can bring about more engagements with your traffic, right on your website itself.

However, you will need to be creative while making your Tweets, in order to arouse the interests from your readers. You can use this feature for highlighting the information that could also compel others to do business with your company. This embedding feature is also a nice way for you to showcase or share genuine customer testimonials from your Twitter account.

5) Use FB Social Plugins:

There are various different social plugins that are being offered by FaceBook. In addition to follow and share butons, there are many other plugins which can help you in adding the proofs of your online social presence on your own website. You will need to explore the list of Plugins that they offer, and use the right ones that can help you in attracting more leads or customers.

For example you can add the like buttons directly on your website, which will encourage and make it possible for the readers to keep in touch with your regular updates. However, you will need to make sure that the updates that you provide to your readers are fresh and interesting.

Don’t try to oversell, or use only the hardcore marketing pitch too frequently. Your readers will just get bored and decide not to follow your updates anymore. You should rather try to use the power of social media marketing for building long-term relationships, which is by adding value to your potential customers.

6) Encourage your existing customers to participate:

The basic idea behind using social media marketing is to spread information through networks rather than through individuals. Now if your customer is a part of your network, they are also parts of other networks too.

Wouldn’t it be a great idea if you were able to send across your business information to those networks as well?

You can request your existing customers to support your brand by sharing your business information on their accounts. When they share information on their networks, your message will travel rapidly across multiple networks.

Firstly you will need to inform your existing customers about your business presence on social networking websites, and have them add you or join your group. The power of social media marketing is such that, when they join your group, many people in their networks will be able to see it.

Furthermore, if you manage to have them share your information, it will work more like a word of mouth recommendation, which will market your business remarkably faster.

7) Engage before selling:

Most internet marketers fail to convert their leads into customers, because they try to push their customers too hard to buy from them immediately, instead of engaging further with them. Well, maybe 20% of your readers might be willing to make immediate purchases on your website, but more than 50% of your prospects will need a little more reassurances from you.

For best social media marketing results, you will need to provide them with a good mix of contents that not only ask them to buy from you immediately, but also the ones that keep them interested.

Of course, you can use the sales closing techniques on them, provided that you do it in the moderate levels. In the meantime, you could also publish other interesting information about your special offers. They will certainly decide to do business with your company if they feel completely at ease while communicating with you through social networking websites.

8) Social media intelligence:

You cannot expect to make sales to your customers with the same sales pitch over and over again. Therefore, you will need to identify the strategies that are working well, and the ones that are not. You will also need to train your sales executives to identify the cues that can aid them in closing the sales faster.

With proper brainstorming sessions with your sales team, you will be able to eliminate the parts of your marketing content that are not proving to be effective. At the same time, you will also need to strengthen the areas that are able to communicate and reciprocate better with your readers. You can retain only the best social media marketing techniques that work best for your business.

9) Using multimedia:

Companies are able to attract attention from their prospective clients or customers by using various multimedia elements like videos and images. Such visual contents tend to stay for a longer time in the minds of the viewers. With a bit of creativity, you use such new trends in social media marketing to improve sales. You can stream live videos that can help your customers in understanding how exactly you aim to add value to their needs.

10) Monitoring the trending hashtags:

By using the Hashtags, you can search for the new trends in social media marketing. You will need to monitor the hashtags to identify the trends that are related to your business. By making such connections, you will be able to spread your information across many new users, and gain better visibility for your business. However, you will need to ensure that there is some kind of relevancy with the Hashtags that you choose for promoting your business.

Timing is very importantly if you want to derive the best results with the power of social media marketing.

Let me know what do you think? If I have left anything out.