Top 5 things to Collect from “The Lean Start up” by Eric Ries

Review of "The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries

Dear reader, Imagine that you in those disaster type movies where you are driving an open jeep and the bridge or the freeway you are on is shaking like you are in an earthquake.

You must drive and reach your destination to save the day. Sounds quite intimidating, right? That driving a start-up to success is

Now, I will assume that you are an entrepreneur or thinking of becoming one that’s why you are here.

So, I will not beat around the bush and try to crunch the whole book in to five top points which I have collected from reading this book.

One caveat is that these are my pebbles I have collected; You might have a different perspective, so after going through the following points, I would suggest that you read it once.

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