Soap, Sex, and SEO Traffic – The promise of free land. Or Is it So ?

sscDo you think the fabled organic traffic or aka SEO traffic is Free ?, I mean you are not paying the search engine for it. I know you will say that “yes I know its not free, I am paying the “content creator” the “SEO guy”, of-course its not free.

But my question is, If we all know that

  • We are paying for the content
  • we are paying for the process
  • we are paying for the service that goes with the process
  • And we are creating “stuff” for the search engine to “offer” their visitors (aka your content)

Then why are you still treating the “Organic traffic” as Free ?. Why are you not judging ROI of the SEO organic traffic ?

I know you will say, Yeah! we are tracking rankings of our keyword, but is that it ? where is the ROI ? Here is how you will calculate it :-

Lets Find out your total Cost Per Acquisition (for SEO)

Cost Per Acquisition (SEO) =

(Your SEO service cost + Process Cost  + Creative Content cost) % Total number of Acquisitions (from organic sources)

Now let us find how much your Customers’ worth

Customer Worth = Your Gross Profit % of {purchases per year x Average Bought value x Average retainer ship (number of years)}

So your ROI %  is :- [{Customer Worth – Cost Per Acquisition (SEO)} /Cost Per Acquisition (SEO)] x 100

Let me know if I missed anything :).